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The first book that features entrepreneurial lessons learned from rock stars!

No Brown M&M's!, the updated and revised re-release of Andrew's 2008 book Rock to Riches, makes starting and being successful in your own business a lot more fun. Think of it as "Entrepreneurship 101" taught by Gene Simmons, Jimmy Buffett, Bono, Coldplay, and hundreds of other rock stars. Rockers are the world's boldest entrepreneurs, daring to compete in a business that makes starting a restaurant seem like a piece of cake. And you'll be surprised at all you can learn from them.

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The 53 Biggest Self-Publishing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them reveals the most costly errors that Andrew has seen authors make time and time again in his 20+ years in the profession. There are many books that tell you what do to when self-publishing, but Andrew's is the only one that teaches you what NOT to do.

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Andrew Chapman specializes in teaching business owners and entrepreneurs how to achieve their goals through publishing. Whether one on one or in front of an audience of a thousand as a speaker, he knows exactly how to connect with his "students" to bring out the best in them.

What sets Andrew apart is his ability to teach and communicate. Attendees of his seminars frequently say that he can take any concept and make it easy for anyone to understand. There are many experts out there in the fields of publishing, but few truly excel at the art of teaching others.

"Andrew Chapman has a laser ability to reach the core of any topic or situation he is addressing, always with care, commitment, and compassion for the people involved with him on the journey."
Paulette Ensign, Tips Products International

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